Eliminate cables – keep pure sound

XIRIUM PRO – the system components

2 base stations, 7 modules and the XIRIUM PRO software app

XIRIUM Pro Simple implementation

Easy to use and flexible in any application

Eliminate cables – keep pure sound

XIRIUM PRO – simple implementation

into the world of professional digital wireless audio transmission.

Transmitter TX and receiver RX are connected to each other within seconds – facilitating quick adoption into the world of DIWA technology an providing the ease of wireless audio transmission with high-level sound quality. The audio signal transmitted by the TX can be received by an unlimited number of RX receivers. Thus XIRIUM PRO becomes the preferred solution with simple implementation in numerous applications.

XIRIUM PRO – the expansion

to a digital wireless audio network with XIRIUM X is straightforward and cost efficient.

The system may be expanded to ten sound channels for the transmission of several, discrete audio signals. For this purpose five TX transmitters can be operated in parallell. This set up allows the use of an unlimited number of RX receivers.

XIRIUM PRO – breaking wireless barriers

extending the range with a repeater.

The RX can either be used as a receiver or, by changing the output module to a repeater module, as a repeater. In repeater mode the RX forwards the audio signal received from the TX without any changes, which in turn can now be received by an unlimited number of RX receivers set to reception mode. The repeater represents the perfect addition to the system: it doubles the range of the system and helps to overcome walls, corners or other obstacles.

XIRIUM PRO – greater reliability

using the repeater as a redundant audio source (extended true diversity).

Beside enhancing the range or overcoming obstacles, the RX-repeater offers another feature: since the repeater duplicates and transmits the signals received from the TX, it becomes a second redundant audio source for every other RX. In other words, an RX located within the reception area of an TX and a repeater, can now choose one of two identical signals and automatically selects the one with the better signal quality.


  • XIRIUM used for measurement purposes
  • XIRIUM used for measurement purposes
  • XIRIUM used for measurement purposes
  • XIRIUM used for measurement purposes
When running a cable just won’t do
»Using XIRIUM was a great experience. The system worked flawlessly and provided exactly what we needed for a high profile environment, with a low impact installation in one of the most densely populated RF environments to contend with. The capabilities of XIRIUM allowed us to reduce our required installation time plus meet the request from our clients to not pollute their brand new facility with lots of temporary wiring routed throughout. We were able to keep a great visual appearance, with minimal impact on the venue all while maintaining perfect audio distribution to our speakers.«

Mark Boettcher / Senior Audio Engineer / PRG

Crystal clear highs and full lows

The proprietary DIWA modulation method assures a higher data rate and enables the transmission of the entire audible frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.

Impressive technical data
DiWA provides 24 bit / 48 kHz sampling
Transmission: Compression-free, no reduction of converted data THD: < 0.01 % @ 1 kHz
Dynamic Range: > 105 dB @ 1 kHz, A-weighted
Crosstalk: < -80 dB @ 20 kHz
Number of audio channels @ 24mbps: 2
Number of audio channels @ 6mbps: 1 (XROC mode)
Latency (Delay): 3.6 msec
Frequency response: +0.5 dB / -1.5 dB @ 20 Hz – 20 kHz ref. 1 kHz

Audio transmission with the quality of a recording studio – without compression

With DIWA (Digital Wireless Audio) Neutrik has developed a technology for digital data transmission achieving high fidelity without data compression. Despite employing wireless technology, audio signals are transmitted at the level of quality found in a recording studio. A digital, uncompressed audio stream of 24bit/48 kHz requires a bandwidth of 1,15 MHz. Such bandwidth can not be transmitted in the UHF band without using a compander. By choosing the 5 GHz band XIRIUM PRO provides 20 MHz bandwidth. Despite employing wireless technology, audio signals are transmitted at the level of quality found in a recording studio.

Interference-free transmission

Exceeding boundaries
The repeater is the perfect extension of the system: When used, the system range can be doubled, and walls, corners, or other obstacles may be overcome.

Extended true diversity for even more reliable reception
Since the repeater duplicates and forwards the signals received from the transmitter it becomes a second, redundant audio source for every receiver. Each receiver automatically selects

Channel occupation
The constant DiWA data flow prevents interference from other devices occupying the 5 GHz frequency band.

Reliable operation/Forward error correction
Specially developed and patented data protocols transmit redundant data packets assuring trouble-free transmission.

Using advanced error correction ensures uninterrupted signal reception, eliminating delays or loss of the audio transmission. In fact, as many as 17 data packets may be lost without harming the signal.

XROC (Extreme Ruggedized One Channel)
When RF congestion at a venue or event is at its worst, activate the exclusive XIRIUM Pro XROC feature and eliminate any opportunity for offending RF traffic to affect your wireless audio signal.

XIRIUM PRO software app
Available for iPad and Android tablets, the user friendly XIRIUM PRO app provides enhanced setup functions and allows monitoring and control of XIRIUM PRO devices.

Plug and play

Instantly ready for service – just like with a cable
Simply push a button for connecting the devices with each other, which are instantly ready for operation. The memory function simplifies the set up in future projects.

Effortless installation
Thanks to the license-free, automatic frequency management, XIRIUM PRO channels do not require a Part 74 license, as is the case with other wireless systems.

Set up optimising
The XIRIUM PRO app (for iOS and Android) enables you to setup, configure, and monitor all aspects of system functions.

Flexible power supply
XIRIUM PRO units can be operated either on 100-240 V 50/60 Hz mains power or up to 7 h on the internal Li-Ion Battery Pack.

Input and Output Module options handle every signal type
Whether the signal type is analog, digital (AES67) or Dante, XIRIUM PRO offers modules to accept any of them. Signal types may also be converted from one type to another, simply by selecting the appropriate module. Need to transmit an analog signal and plug into a digital input, no problem. Select an analog input module for the transmitter, and the AES digital output module for the receiver. In fact, every receiver in a system can use a different output module, allowing for signal conversion to the type used by your device.